Is Simple Lobby just another inbox that I have to manage?

There are three main differences between the way your business currently manages offers and the Simple Lobby way:

  1. Firstly, you save time and bandwidth by redirecting all offers to Simple Lobby. This reduces interruptions for your staff since there is no longer a need for conversations, and the pressure of passing messages and contact information around the office is relieved.

  2. Secondly, we’ve streamlined your review process by establishing a standard format for all offers. At a glance, you will be able to recognize if the product being offered is useful to your business, without having to read a vague and wordy pitch.

  3. Thirdly, and perhaps most ground-breaking, Simple Lobby enables you to mute an overly-ambitious salesperson. Their offers will go straight into a low priority box and get deleted after 30 days. You never have to see or think about it again.

As the system grows, purchasing information will be added to determine if someone’s prices are higher than average, and eventually, you will be able to request pricing from multiple vendors.

What if the offers I get aren’t for a product or service?

There is another category for offers available in Simple Lobby — partnerships. Partnerships help to cover use cases where organizations can offer to work with you in a less than typical but still beneficial capacity.

Will fewer offers come into our business if we require the use of Simple Lobby?

You may receive fewer offers with Simple Lobby, however, the offers that you do get will be more transparent, more well-suited, and from companies more motivated to work with you due to the raised barrier to entry. In other words, “quality over quantity.”

Will spam be an issue as our Lobby ID becomes more widely known? Can salespeople find us through Simple Lobby and contact us?

We do not currently make tools available to discover businesses within Simple Lobby, and your Lobby ID is never shared with salespeople.

Future functionality may require your Lobby ID to be visible in certain contexts, but we will only disclose this information when necessary. Additionally, several layers of security are or may be employed.

  1. Costs imposed on sending offers will temper the potential for abuse.

  2. When appropriate, verification or invitation systems will be utilized to prevent bots. Overall, Simple Lobby has greater control of spam than even the most advanced email filters.

  3. Your Lobby ID can be changed at any time. If you do change it, update all references to your Lobby ID on printed and online materials.


Does sending through Simple Lobby make it less likely for a company to buy my product?

Not at all!

Simple Lobby solves the initial problem of getting your foot in the door. Furthermore, it routes your offer directly to those who are best suited to review it and make an informed decision. Bonus; you can address a specific person or role within the organization!

Additional benefits you stand to gain are savings on printed materials, guaranteed deliverability, and high communication efficiency.

What happens to the data that I provide to my prospective client? Will it be used or shared with third parties?

Simple Lobby only uses the provided data in an anonymized way. For example, we may show the average price of goods and services in an area. The data will be aggregated from a sample of vendors and will never provide business intelligence associated with a single company.

Will other people within my organization be able to see the offers that I send to potential clients?

No. Offers sent in Simple Lobby are only visible to the salesperson who sent them and to the recipient. Eventually, we may provide management tools for a sales manager to use on behalf of multiple members of a sales team.

Is it more difficult to distinguish my product if I have to fill out a form?

While Simple Lobby does standardize the offer format, it also provides options to help you stand out. Be sure to optimize your use of the free-form sales pitch, which supports basic formatting. Additionally, upgraded accounts in Simple Lobby include features like profile pictures, offer attachments, and more.