How Simple Lobby Came to Be

Tom, former VP of Sales and Marketing at Regal Staffing, was waiting patiently in the lobby for his sales appointment. He wondered, “what if there is a better way to get my service offering to the right person at the right time?”

He later brought the idea to his co-worker, Ray, which kicked up a whirlwind of ideas and iterations. Ray, in turn, brought code-slinging Donnie into the group to start bringing the concept into reality.

Meanwhile, Jessica was engaging Tom and Ray to purchase her company’s software. As serendipity would have it, her experience with sales and start-ups was a natural fit for the fledgling Simple Lobby team.

And so it was born.

In 2019, after a year of hard work, the small but dedicated team was thrilled to unleash a powerful platform that promised to drastically improve the way the world does business. The goal — standardize the way organizations contact each other.